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Round Rock Medicaid Dentist

We understand that committing to a preventive measures when it comes to one’s health can be a taxing affair—especially on the financial end. Especially for those who don’t have proper coverage. Of course, here at The Smile Spot we can proudly say that our Round Rock Medicaid dentist works with (you guessed it) folks with a Medicaid. So swing by and get those teeth check out.

When we mention oral hygiene, we’re not just talking about the good ‘ole brush and go. Nope. That’s just part of the job. A thorough routine maximizes cleaning efficiency. See that string of floss in your medicine cabinet? It isn’t a decorative item. Making a habit of flossing does wonders for eliminating stubborn plaque, perilously trapped between your teeth. Plaque that doesn’t get removed eventually becomes tartar which draws bacteria like a moth to a fire. Over time, said bacteria attacks your gums, making them red, irritated, and eventually causes bleeding—this stage is called Gingivitis (or gum disease). Dental checkups are great for spotting problems early, before they’ve done any real damage. The sooner you find these issues, the easier they can be treated. Plus, seeing a Round Rock Medicaid dentist at The Smile Spot helps keep you on track of oral hygiene habits. By comparing the results of previous visits, you’ll know if you need to step up your game.

Toothbrush and toothpaste? Got it. Floss? Check. Mouthwash? You bet. If you have the go-to triad of oral hygiene routines and as long as you commit to daily (and nightly) use of them, your teeth and gums will thank you for it. Schedule an appointment with us at The Smile Spot as soon as possible. And finally be on the way to meeting with a Round Rock Medicaid dentist.

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