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Round Rock West Dentist

Let’s face it; most kids aren’t pulling at your skirt or pants, whining that they want to go to the dentist today. The dental office is often an intimidating place for our youngest loved ones, and they certainly don’t feel at home with a stranger examining the inside of their mouth. And who does, honestly? At The Smile Spot, we understand this fundamental problem and do everything we can to make our youngest community members feel comfortable and respected in the dentist chair. Call our office to meet your new Round Rock west dentist today!

At The Smile Spot, we understand two very important concepts; children need to go to the dentist to protect the future of their teeth, and children need special kinds of care at the office to ensure that they receive that treatment they need and create a sustainable, positive relationship with their own dental health. We devote ourselves to using this understanding to further our capacity to treat young children, making us the best Round Rock West dentist in town. Our office is filled with tasteful touches that make the space more welcoming and comfortable for children of all ages, including fun colors and kind, kid-friendly professionals. We understand that information and education regarding dental health at this point in a child’s life is totally crucial; it’s now, in the early years, that we can teach kids healthy tooth habits that they’ll maintain for the rest of their eyes. Teaching them about proper brushing and consistent flossing, all while administering fluoride treatments as necessary, are crucial to starting a child’s dental care of right. In addition, if a child is suffering from a unique tooth issue, we can offer the speedy diagnosis and treatment they need to avoid suffering from uncomfortable symptoms and long-term issues.

But don’t take our word for it, call the office at The Smile Spot and book an appointment with your new Round Rock West dentist today!

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