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Dentist 78681

Dental plaque is the number one reason why your teeth decay and why your pink, vibrant gums become diseased. At The Smile Spot, one of our biggest priorities of our dentist in 78681 is to prevent plaque from having a negative effect on your oral wellness.

The first line of defense against this film-like bacteria known as dental plaque is at home. Maintain a nutritious diet and be careful to not consume too much sugar. This means not only food, but also drinks and even condiments. Ketchup, for example, has a high concentration of sugar. When you first wake up in the morning, you probably notice that stickiness on your teeth. That is you experiencing dental plaque. It’s a big reason why you brush your teeth first thing. At the end of the day, you also brush, but this time to remove sugar from the surfaces of your teeth. You also floss at that time so that any food particles lodged between your teeth, and between your teeth and gums will be wrested free. Not all plaque can be removed with your oral hygiene routine, unfortunately. Some hides out of reach, such as in your gum pockets. It then hardens into tartar, which can only be effectively eliminated with a teeth cleaning done when you visit our dentist in 78681. The good news is that with just two trips to our office each year, you can either stop the formation of cavities and the development of gum disease entirely, or at the very least catch them at an early stage when they are most easily treated. In fact, a teeth cleaning will reverse early stage gum disease, which is yet another reason to get one every six months.

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